Justice Studies at UMA delivers a program of study for students who aspire to learn the principles of the criminal justice professions and the practice of law. Coursework in the Foundations of Criminal Justice begins the journey of understanding our justice and legal systems in the United States. UMA faculty will lead the learner toward the critical courses that reside at the core of our democracy.

  • JUS 103 Foundations of Criminal Justice (X credits)
  • ENG 101 College Writing (X credits)
  • JUS 121 Criminal Law (X credits)
  • JUS 271W Due Process (X credits)

Additional Courses

  • JUS 105 Legal Research (X credits)
  • JUS 160 Intro to Forensic Science (X credits)
  • JUS 200 Principles of Investigation (X credits)
  • JUS 250 Consumer Fraud and White Collar Crime (X credits)
  • JUS 281 Litigation (X credits)
  • JUS 302 Juvenile Justice (X credits)
  • JUS 391 Mediation (X credits)

Related Majors and Certificates at UMA

  • Justice Studies
    • Pre-Law Concentration
    • Criminal Justice Concentration
    • No Concentration
  • Fast Track path to Law School (3+3 Bachelors and JD)
  • Community Policing Certificate

Related Careers

  • Legal Careers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Service
  • Community Advocates