Registered Student Checklist

  1. Activate or access your account.
  2. Review your UMS digital student tools through the UMA TechHub.
  3. Find and order textbooks.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar.
  5. Register for an optional Orientation.
  6. Access resources and support at your local UMA campus or center.
  7. Review both the Academic Policies and the Student Conduct Policies that you will be expected to uphold as an Early College student. 
  8. Review Billing Policies.


The UMA Office of Early College will maintain regular outreach to students, School Counselors, and sometimes parents/guardians about specific policies and deadlines pertaining to the program.  Please do not disregard these communications as they will be helpful to you!

Student Guidebook

cover combinedguidebook

UMA Early College Student Guidebook [PDF]