This pathway aligns with UMA’s Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. The pathway provides the opportunity to take a mix of public administration classes and general education courses. UMA’s degree program in Public Admin. prepares students for careers in government and not-for-profit organizations. Graduates have been successful in a great variety of public and not-for-profit organizations that make important contributions to the quality of life in Maine.

  • ENG 101: College Writing and ENG 102W: Introduction to Literature
  • COM 101: Public Speaking or COM 102: Interpersonal Communications
  • BUA 100: Introduction to Business
  • MAT 115: Elementary Statistics
  • POS 101: American Government
  • POS 112E: This is your Town
  • Fine Arts or Humanities Elective

Related Majors and Certificates:

  • Associate of Science
  • Bachelor of Science, 2+2: Computer Technology, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Health Care, and Human Services
  • Maine Law 3+3 Agreement
  • Post Baccalaureate

Related Careers:

  • Network Systems Manager
  • Budget Officer
  • Auditor
  • Court Administrator (Local)
  • Town/City Manager
  • City Clerk Dispatcher/Communications Specialist